Children Know Better: How to Foster Your Dreams Since Childhood

When was the last time you have followed your intuition? The last time you fulfilled your dreams and freed your instincts? We live in a society that dictates us what we should or should not do. We live in a world that knows too many boundaries and limits our imagination. To create, develop, extend, innovate, we must let go – let go of fear, doubts, or panic. We must accept what happens in our lives and realize there is no way to change it.

Walt Disney once said, “Believe in your dreams, no matter how impossible they seem.” And look what he’s created – a world full of magic, creativity, and love. As cliché as it might sound, believing in our dreams means letting go of everything that stops us from letting go.

Pursuing our dreams should not be something out of the ordinary. We should listen to ourselves and follow our hearts. If you’ve always wanted to become an artist, become an artist. If you’ve always wanted to fly to the moon, fly to the moon. Nothing is stopping you from reaching your purpose! Look at children – they believe they’re able to do anything. And they can do anything; but that’s because they believe it.

Now look at you – can you believe you can follow your dreams? Here’s how.

1. Map Out a Plan

First of all, you should design a detailed plan for your goals. But first, brainstorm. Ask yourself –

  • What dream do I have? What is my true passion?
  • How is this dream helping me evolve?
  • What impact will it have on my life? Be specific.
  • Will I become a better person if I follow this plan?
  • Do I have the necessary skills?
  • Why do I want to pursue this goal and not another?

After you’ve analyzed your intentions, go ahead and write down your answers. Then imagine how your ideal life would look like. Are you career-oriented or family-oriented? Where do you see yourself in ten years? Where would you live? Do you have a partner? What are you wearing, how do you feel? Dare to dream.

Now it’s time to create a long-time vision

  • According to the above answers, what should you do now? If you’re in college, you should choose a major that suits your interests, regardless of what your parents, professors, or advisors think. If you are in the work field, you should start looking for other job opportunities that align with your current preoccupations.
  • Consider the disadvantages – we all have our doubts, and unfortunately, they tend to pop up in the most inopportune moments. That’s why you need to make sure you are 100% sure of the path you’ve chosen. Balance the pros and cons before making a final decision. “What could go wrong?” is an important question to ask.
  • Break it up into parts – OK, now that you’ve decided to go on this road, how should you structure your life to climb the success ladder? For instance, if you’ve decided to work as an English teacher and freelancer writing essays on time at the same time, how are you going to manage your time properly? Integrating another goal into your life should fit the patterns already established.

Important tip: take things gradually – what is your first step to fulfilling your dreams? Create smaller plans for each one of the smaller goals along the way.

2. Stick to It

After creating the plan, it’s time to stick to it. But how? This might be the hardest part of the whole process. The beginning is exciting since everything is new. The ending is thrilling since you’ve achieved your goal – but how about the road to success? That, my friend, should be the most exceptional, spectacular, outstanding part of all.

  • Stay focused by working on your discipline – some people never get tired, do they? They’re there, regardless of how challenging their day must have been. That’s because they practice self-discipline daily; and you should do the same. Develop a new habit and stick to it. No matter what happens, do what you’ve decided. Don’t let anything change your plans. Be there.
  • Meditate. According to Medicine Net, a simple technique practiced for as few as 10 minutes per day can help you control stress, decrease anxiety, improve cardiovascular health, and achieve a greater capacity for relaxation.
  • Wake up early. Greet the day feeling perfect. Take time for yourself, don’t rush into anything. Have a quiet breakfast, work out, shower – do everything that you please. Mornings should be entirely yours.

Important Tip: design a goal time every morning. Revise your targets daily and remind yourself why you’re pursuing them. You know you should give up on something when you can no longer find the answer to your why question.

3. Stay Motivated

Staying motivated might be one of the toughest things you’ll have to do; but as I mentioned previously, if you can sketch out the road to success according to your standards, nothing can stop you from reaching your objectives.

  • Always visualize – don’t forget! Visualizing your purpose is the best method to stay focused. Say it out loud, feel it, sing it, but never let it go.
  • Always ask why – you know why and how this impacts your life already. Keep asking, especially in moments of self-doubt.
  • Design a personalized reward system – if you accomplish 5% of your end goal today, how are you going to thank yourself?
  • Leave room for flexibility – having a well-structured plan does not mean you should leave no room for unforeseeable courses of action. The “letting go” I was so-much-emphasizing at the beginning of the article means going with the flow as well. So, stick to your plans, but don’t hesitate to say yes to the opportunities that could change your life.
  • Not all of our friends should be called our friends, but we rarely think about it. Perform a Human General Cleaning. Think of the people you’d like to keep close. Take a moment to evaluate who’s your friend and who isn’t. Surround yourself with motivators, don’t let people drag you down and steal your energy.

Wrapping Up

Visualizing the bigger picture at all times is essential. This will provide you purpose, motivation, and tranquility. When you think about your why, worries will stop. You’ll know exactly what you are doing and why you are struggling to get there. Enjoy the road, but don’t forget about the end goal. Believe in your dreams and pursue them. Good luck, my friend.

Jacob Dillon is a professional writer and distinctive journalist from Sydney. Being passionate about what he does, Jacob likes to discuss stirring events as well as express his opinion about technological advancements and evolution of society. Find Jacob on Twitter.

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Go Ahead and Break Down

Everyone has times in their life when they ought to admit defeat. Whether it’s in your love life, how you handle your money, how you handle friendships, or something else, there really is a point at which you should do yourself a favor and admit you’ve hit a wall. I’ve seen this in everyone I’ve ever coached. If you have a spot in your life where something just isn’t working and you’re at your wits end, it’s time (and OK!) to admit you’ve lost the battle.

Wave the white flag. But not on yourself. On your pattern.

If you have a spot in your life where something just isn’t working and you’re at your wits end, it’s time (and OK!) to admit you’ve lost the battle. Wave the white flag. But not on yourself. On your pattern. @LaurenZander (Click to Tweet!)


You see, there’s a reason you’re feeling so stuck—it’s because you have a repeat pattern and you need to break it. When you find yourself in a familiar situation and you start to feel that inkling of déjà vu, start paying attention. The first thoughts you may notice are the same you always think when things aren’t going right:

  • I keep failing.
  • I’ll never get the career I want.
  • I never get the man I want.
  • I never . . . and on and on.

If you can start to see there’s something screwy about how you keep doing the same thing over and over, then it’s time to break this pattern you’re perpetuating. So instead of running into the same wall, the most important thing you should do when something in your life falls apart (again) is to stop. Stop doing the things you usually do. Stop thinking the things you usually think and saying the things you normally say. Instead, become a “puddle” (official term!) The puddle is a part of the Handel Method that’s especially designed to help you recognize life’s “maybe it’s you” moments so that you can finally surrender … and in your yielding, find a way out.


I have never met a person who doesn’t have at least one area of life that’s either killing them at that moment or is waiting in the wings ready to pop out again at the slightest provocation. Interestingly, most people don’t know when they should actually wave the white flag and cry. Often times, what happens instead is you actually perpetuate staying stuck and defeated: you keep going and going, trying to blame others along the way.

You may have some kind of a repeating theme, like “my father left and so I’m bad with men,” or “my parents didn’t help me in college, so that’s why I’m still broke.” You may even have some level of understanding of your theme or enlightened version of your story, in which you realize that you’re in your pattern. And most people in that space, whether they understand they’re in a pattern or not, do NOT see a way out! So I’m telling you to try something different. Wake up and cry! Wake up and have your pity party. Turn yourself into a puddle.

There is good reason to puddle and declare defeat. Sometimes it’s true that the only way out is to hit bottom. You hear it for an alcoholic; you hear it in other areas of life; you hear of people declaring bankruptcy and of people coming to terms with their lives at that level. But you might need to cause a bottom-out in order to stop perpetuating the same pattern in your life. Can you declare an area bankrupt, can you cause a pity party, can you even decide you need to puddle?

And the answer is yes, of course you can.

This whole coaching moment is for learning you need to say “mercy” in an area of your life. Once you do, then you can move into the next phase, where you devise your new action plan. But there’s no skimping on the pity party. There is no mercy-lite. You cannot pretend that you want to scream mercy, like, “oh well, maybe, sort of, mercy, but really it’s my mother’s fault” or “it’s my business partner’s fault.”


The most important rule for screaming mercy and turning into a puddle is that you blame yourself 100%. Now—and this is key—I do not mean to blame yourself in order to say it’s your fault, then feel bad about yourself and punish yourself. This is different. Now, you finally get to see that “maybe it’s you.” It’s a very serious, different type of declaration. It’s a statement of “I’m responsible.” It’s a profound place where you realize “no one’s coming to save me. I got myself here and I’m the only one who can get myself out of here, if I face myself.” The moment that you can say all of that, welcome to the puddle. Now start to cry. Literally cry. Turn yourself into the puddle you belong being. Force a breakdown and let yourself cry over it.

Once you throw out your white flag and declare you’re a puddle, you’re closer to success than you’ve probably been in a long time because it means you’re admitting there is a pattern in your life. You’re admitting that you have not had the insight as to why you’ve been perpetuating that pattern, and you admit it to yourself. If you can be that honest and that vulnerable, then you’re ready to embrace the bottom so you can find your way out. And you will.

Bottoms up.


P.S.- If you’re ready to declare “bottoms up” and get yourself out of any particular mess you might be in, join our coaching community with a subscription to Inner.U, our digital coaching course or take our Current Reality Quiz to find out which area of life needs a little TLC!

Lauren Handel Zander is the Co-Founder and Chairwoman of Handel Group®, an international corporate consulting and life coaching company. Her coaching methodology, The Handel Method®, is taught in over 35 universities and institutes of learning around the world, including MIT, Stanford Graduate School of Business, NYU, and the New York City Public School System. Lauren is also the author of Maybe It’s You: Cut the Crap, Face Your Fears, Love Your Life (Published by Hachette Book Group, April 2017), a no-nonsense, practical manual that helps readers figure out not just what they want out of life, but how to actually get there. She has spent over 20 years coaching thousands of private and corporate clients, including executives at Vogue, BASF, and AOL. Lauren has been a featured expert in The New York Times, BBC, Forbes, Women’s Health, Dr. Oz, and Marie Claire and she is a regular contributor to Businessweek and the Huffington Post. Click here to schedule a 30-minute consultation with Handel Group.

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